Posters of RECOMB-CG 2021

  • Callum Burnard, William Ritchie and Alban Mancheron,
        Novel Adversarial Autoencoders to Simulate Human Genomic Data for Clinical Research (
    Poster, Session 2-2 )
  • Ching-Ting Huang et al.,
        The Role of Potential Mobile Units in Phytoplasma Genome Evolution (Poster, Session 4-2 )
  • C. Malcolm Todd, et al.,
        Structural Variant Identification With Various Types of Genomic Data (Poster, Session 6-3)
  • Daniella Santos Munoz and David Sankoff
        Branch Mutation Rates and Selection Give Insights on Gene Family Trees: N-methyltransferases,
        FAD2 Enzymes and Terpenes (Poster, Session 7-3)
  • Elena S. Gusareva, et al.,
        Adaptation To Malaria Infection in Endemic Regions of Asia (Poster, Session 7-1 )
  • Fatemeh Pouryahya and David Sankoff,
        Peripheral Structures in Unlabelled Trees and Inference about Autopolyploids (Poster, Session 1-2 )
  • Maureen Stolzer, Alejandro Garces and Dannie Durand,
        Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation of Domain Architecture Evolution (Poster, Session 6-2)
  • Qiaoji Xu, James H. Leebens-Mack, Lingling Jin and David Sankoff
        Accuracy of RACCROCHE In Reconstructing Chromosomal Gene Order of Early Plant Ancestors (Poster, Session 4-3)
  • Richa Rashmi, Chandan Nandi and Sharmishtha Majumdar,
        Evolutionarily Conserved Regions of THAP9 Transposase Reveal New Motifs for Subcellular Localization
        and Post-translational Modification (Poster, Session 9-4)
  • Rohan Williams, et al.,
        Recovery of Metagenome-assembled Genomes from Long Read Metagenome Data Using Compositional Analysis
        of Contig K-mer Frequencies (Poster, Session 8-3)
  • Safa Jammali, Abigaïl Djossou, Aïda Ouangraoua,
        Multiple Spliced Alignment for Transcript Evolution Estimation and Gene Models Prediction (Poster, Session 6-4)
  • Sam Spence, Stephan Schuster and Hie Lim Kim,
        Comparative Genomics of Priestia Bacteria Isolated from the Air (Poster, Session 2-3)
  • Shivani Sehrawat and Lingling Jin,
        Detecting Transposable Elements in Plant Genomes (Poster, Session 7-2)
  • Shu-Ting Cho, et al.,
        Species Boundaries and Molecular Markers for the Classification of 16sri Phytoplasmas Inferred by Genome Analysis (Poster, Session 1-3)
  • Yuting Xiao, Maureen Stolzer and Dannie Durand
        Trees Versus Traits for Ancestral Genome Reconstruction (Poster, Session 5-3)
  • Zhe Yu, David Sankoff and Chunfang Zheng,
        Where Do Lost Genes Go? (Poster, Session 5-2)







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